HBPlus Battery Specialists

Hollyhock HB Plus Battery Specialists is Australia's largest volume distributor of Duracell and Duracell Procell Dry cell bulk batteries. We are a family owned and operated business with more than 30 years of experience in the battery industry.

HBPlus Battery Specialists services include the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide selection of batteries. We provide services for all of your battery requirements, from the smallest orders to the largest. HBPlus Battery Specialists are a business of efficiency; with our Carrum Downs warehouse in Victoria, we are able to refurbish and re-pack batteries on site, providing quality service at a reasonable cost.

How Hollyhock HB Plus Battery Specialists started

Hollyhock Batteries Plus was established in 1988, as Hollyhock Trading, a distributor toys, the Teddy Tidy and related battery products. The ever-growing demand for portable power products prompted the transition to a specialty enterprise.

In 2008, with the acquisition of Power House Technologies, we were able to extend our production line. The acquisition allowed HB Plus Battery to manufacture a variety of battery packs for OEM, emergency lighting and industrial applications. Today, HBPlus covers all states of Australia and we pride ourselves on being The Battery Specialists. We are a major supplier of bulk batteries for the TV, commercial, industrial, government, health and retail sectors. We also have dry cell batteries for all applications.

HBPlus Battery Specialists extensive product line includes:

  • Dry Cell Batteries
  • Bulk Batteries
  • Wholesale Batteries
  • Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • OEM Battery Packs
  • Duracell, Dolphin & Eveready torches
  • Duracell Procell batteries
  • SSB Lightweight Lithium LiFePO4 Starting Batteries
  • Fusion Lightweight Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Batteries

We specialise in providing consumers with reasonably priced, high quality products. We supply high-quality carded products for retail sale, including the brands Duracell, Procell, Varta, Energizer, SSB, and Fusion.

Additionally, HBPlus is the number 1 choice for custom battery packs. Our custom battery pack are required for professional electronic products including – but not limited to – medical instruments, parking meters, hand held point-of-sale computers and GPS.

Come and visit us at our showroom or take advantage of our online store. All transactions online are done in a safe and secure environment, so you can be assured your online purchase is protected. We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

HBPlus is committed to providing quality products and service at an affordable price. We consider our main product to be service and we ensure that the service you receive is second to none.