Procell Industrial

  1. SKU: PC1300-12 Procell/Duracell 1.5V D size box of 12
  2. SKU: PC1400-12 Procell/Duracell 1.5V C box of 12
  3. SKU: PC1500-24 Procell/Duracell AA 1.5V box of 24
  4. SKU: PC2400-24 Procell/Duracell 1.5V AAA box of 24
  5. SKU: PC1604-12 Procell/Duracell Industrial 9V box of 12
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Duracell Procell Bulk Batteries

Duracell Procell batteries are specifically designed for the industrial consumer and can keep working in the toughest conditions. Procell industrial batteries deliver long-lasting power across a range of different professional applications, including military, health, sound and audio, TV and radio and any application that demands high volume battery use. These Procell batteries are designed and manufactured to meet IEC60086 and ISO 9000 standards.

Procell industrial batteries deliver reliable performance even after seven years of storage, and are capable of operating in a range of temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 54 degrees Celsius. Supplied wholesale, Procell batteries are perfect for use in torches, smoke alarms and medical devices, making them the battery of choice for all HPV hospitals in Victoria, the S.E.S (State Emergency Service), CFA and many more government organisations.

When you need high volume, Procell industrial battery toughness in a battery, Duracell Procell are the product of choice. And as the largest volume distributors of these batteries in Australia, HBPlus Battery Specialists are the natural place to go for your wholesale supplies. Take a look at our range below and purchase online for ultimate convenience, or come in and see us at 8 Network Drive, Carrum Downs, to pick some up in-store.

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