PS Series

  1. SKU: PS12120 Power-Sonic PS 12 volt 12 ah F2
  2. SKU: PS12260H Power-Sonic PS 12 volt 26 ah High NB
  3. SKU: PS1290 Power-Sonic PS 12 volt 9 amp
  4. SKU: PS490 Power-Sonic PS 4 volt 9 ah
  5. SKU: PS632 Power-Sonic PS 6 volt 3.5 ah
  6. SKU: PS12200 Power-Sonic PS 12volt 20ah NB
  7. SKU: PS1229 Power-Sonic PS 12 volt 2.9 ah F1
  8. SKU: PS12330 Power-Sonic PS 12 volt 33 ah NB
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Power-Sonic PS Series

The Power-Sonic PS Series have been evaluated and verified by CSIRO as conforming with the relevant requirements of the following criteria:
Australian Standard AS 1603.4 Appendix G-1987, ‘Automatic fire detection and alarm systems – Control and indicating equipment’.

The Power-Sonic PS Series batteries are approved by CSIRO for use in fire control and indicating equipment and are listed at ActivFire® Register of Fire Protection Equipment (Certificate No afp-2285).

Designed for general purpose standby and light cyclic applications, the Power-Sonic PS range is a great economical option. Featuring all of the excellent Power-Sonic characteristics outlined in the overview, they have been designed as a low lost alternative.

  • 5 year design life

  • Large number of cycles depending on average depth of discharge

  • Rugged plastic case and cover

  • Wide range of sizes from 2V 300mAh to 12V 140Ah

  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A. and F.A.A. certified.


  • Standby Applications

  • UPS

  • Generators

  • Fire & Security

  • Medical

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