Wireless Microphone Batteries

  1. SKU: I-POWER-9VCHGR I-Power 9V Battery Fast Smart Charger
  2. SKU: STRK7214 Stryka 4 Slot 9V Li-ion/Lipo Smart Charger
  3. SKU: STRK7252-7214-Combo Stryka 4 x 9V Lithium & Charger Combo STRK7252-7214-...
  4. SKU: I-POWER-9V I-Power 9V 700mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  5. SKU: I-POWER-AA I-POWER AA size 1.5V Rechargeable
  6. SKU: I-POWER-AAx8CHGR I-POWER 8 x AA Lithium Fast Smart Charger
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A range of premium quality alkaline, lithium and rechargeable AA and 9V batteries suitable for cordless and wireless microphones.

We have Stryka 9V Lithium Rechargeable for wireless microphones, iPower 9V Lithium rechargeable for wireless microphones. Duracell Procell Alkaline for wireless microphones, Energizer Industrial for wireless microphones and Energizer Lithium AA batteries for wireless microphones.
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