1. SKU: CB12V1.2AH Fusion 12V 1.2Ah General Purpose AGM Battery
  2. SKU: CB12V12AH CB12V12AH AGM VRLA Battery
  3. SKU: CB12V2.3AH CB12V2.3AH AGM VRLA Battery
  4. SKU: CB12V2.9AH CB12V2.9AH AGM VRLA Battery
  5. SKU: CB12V20AH CB12V20AH AGM VRLA Battery
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AGM & SLA Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat (or AGM battery) Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Our AGM batteries and SLA batteries from HB Plus Battery Specialists have you covered. Choose from a great range of AGM batteries, and SLA batteries, and select the right option for your needs. The battery specialists, HB Plus, have all you need from AA to AGM batteries, and so much more. 

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