1. SKU: CBG12V100AH CBG12V100AH Gel VRLA Battery
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  2. SKU: CBG12V140AH Fusion 12V 135Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery
  3. SKU: CBG12V18AH CBG12V18AH Gel VRLA Battery
  4. SKU: CBG12V240AH CBG12V240AH Gel VRLA Battery
  5. SKU: CBG12V26AH CBG12V26AH Gel VRLA Battery
  6. SKU: CBG12V31AH CBG12V31AH Gel VRLA Battery
  7. SKU: CBG12V38AH CBG12V38AH Gel VRLA Battery
  8. SKU: CBG12V50AH CBG12V50AH Gel VRLA Battery
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Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

Gel electrolyte batteries are more tolerant to drying out which makes them ideal for tighter space requirements and higher temperature environments. Gel batteries are also able to withstand higher levels of vibration. The unique plate design ensures greater cycle life at increased depth of discharge from gel batteries. Find the right gel battery for your needs, all in one place, with the Battery Specialists. 

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