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Gold Coast gets the first taste of 5G in Australia

By Jesse Vissenjoux Today 1 Views No comments

Telstra has become the first mobile network in the country to start rolling out 5G services, once again proving to be the leader in telecommunications.

"Telstra has already achieved a number of significant milestones in preparation for 5G. In February we launched Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast which has since been home to several world and Australian firsts including the world’s first precinct of 5G-enabled WiFi hotspots, Australia’s first 5G Connected Car, and the world’s first end-to-end 5G non-standalone data call on a commercial mobile network,” Mr Penn Said – Telstra CEO.

For those wondering what the hell 5G is, it is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity.
Offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever seen before. Considering that cuurent internet speeds in Australia are deplorable compared to other countries (and thats the nice way to put it), this is pretty big for tech heads.
With estimated speeds of up to 1GBps, (Gigabyte per second) it will provide infrastructure to carry huge amounts of data. It is expected that with development of 5G well underway that networks are expected to launch around the world by 2020.

This roll out on the Gold Coast is serving as a test of how 5G holds up in real world conditions. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait!

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Victorian Solar Panel Scheme, PR stunt or Real Deal?

By Tom Brunton Today 1 Views No comments
The Andrews Government has just announced a huge new scheme to deliver solar panels to Victorians at half price!

Under a billion dollar scheme, the Vic Government has announced it would assist Victorian home owners in the purchase of rooftop solar panels, in order to help them generate their own clean, renewable energy. The Idea is that it will help people save up tp $900 a year in power bills.

But is this scheme really all it's chalked up to be?

Kind of. For starters, the discount only applies to owner-occupied homes valued at less than $3 million, with a combined household income of less than $180,000.
So this scheme isn't much benefit to lower income households (who could benefit from lower power bills). And it also leaves out renters, which is unfortunate as a lot of Victorians are currently renting their homes, especially students and younger people.

The Good Stuff

This scheme is still beneficial, over 650,000 homes will be installed onto victorian roofs over a 10-year period. This is pretty impressive as it will allow a lot of people to go off-the-grid, and generate their own electricity.

This scheme also includes incentives for people to install solar hot water systems. With an election promise to give 60,000 Victorian households $1000 each toward the cost of a solar hot water system. It is said that this will save people up to $400 a year in bills.

What about batteries?

There are currently no plans to include batteries in this scheme, which is also a shame as home battery packs would benefit people with solar.
The Government does still have batteries on the agenda. They are currently constructing two huge lithium-ion batteries near Ballarat and Kerang. These will be used store renewable energy for use in the grid.

There really is some exciting stuff happening in Victoria at the moment. With the money people stand to save from this scheme, there's only one question to ask, will you be going solar?


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Battery Wars: Rechargeable vs Single Use

By Jesse Vissenjoux 7 days ago 26 Views No comments

These days, we are using more mobile devices than ever before, and that means we're also using more batteries. We depend on batteries to power our mobile phones, TV remotes, GPS units and gaming devices, just to name a few. The question is, when to use a single use or rechargeable battery?

The Pros of Rechargeable Batteries

Firstly, rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly compared to your single use batteries, they can be used repeatedly, and generate less waste over time. Cost wise, rechargeable is also your way to go depending on the life of your device you are using the rechargeable battery for.

The Pros of Single Use Batteries

Single use batteries tend to last longer than rechargeable batteries and emit more power, but obviously cannot be used once depleted. Depending on the device, single use batteries are somewhat more useful for low-drain products such as smoke detectors, remote controls and wall clocks.

The Verdict

This comes down to personal preference of course, but… If we are to choose, we say both.

Each product is different and it isn’t a must to have rechargeable batteries for every device in your house. As noted above, some low-drain devices may only need 2 or a single battery that could last for years, which would make a rechargeable battery rather unnecessary. But if you were to power your power tools, gaming controllers and laptop battery rechargeable batteries are a no brainer, otherwise you would be finding yourself buying batteries every week.

How Many Times Has Apple Burned Us On The Way to $1 Trillion?

By Jesse Vissenjoux 7 days ago 38 Views No comments
For the sleek and powerful devices Apple have created over the years, they sure have made customers and users mad with some sneaky little money making schemes they have implemented over the years.

The amount of times we find ourselves down at Kmart or a cheap discount store picking up a dodgy iPhone charger that may only work for a month, due to Apple chargers fraying and becoming unusable, is a bit ridiculous. The funny thing about it is, that when you do use another charger that isn’t manufactured by Apple, they have the audacity to tell you via your device that “this accessory may not be supported” and basically enable the cable to not work for this device rather than create a cord that lasts. Better yet they want to sting you for $50+ for a new charger.

Looking for a challenge? Good…

Try and cancel your Apple Music subscription or another service you got roped into with a free trail. With minimal prompts or obvious actions to take to do so, it’s almost as if they want you to give up cancelling you subscriptions…
Simply just press the unlabelled silhouette that is supposed to be your profile picture, then tap ‘View your Apple ID’. After authorizing that it is indeed you trying to make changes, you will finally find the option to cut them off.

One that really grinds my gears and I’m sure many others, Is the change from the round headphone jack to the lightning headphone in the newer iPhones.
After learning that it simply saves some space inside the iPhone, and has no actual improvement to sound quality, I was simply astounded.
Yes they give you an adaptor for the old headphone jack to fit into the newer iPhones, but how am I supposed to charge my phone and listen to music with headphones at the same time? Or how am I supposed to use these headphones with my Mac laptop? Are you telling me I have to purchase another adaptor or bring two sets of headphones when I need to use both devices?

Seriously Apple… What is this madness?

Despite this, Apple is still a highly respected company that has brought us most of the technology we have today. The question is, what would it take for you to quit Apple and make the switch?

Camping? Here's The Items That Can Save Your Trip

By tom brunton 14 days ago 57 Views No comments

Camping is an Australian past time. Some of our best memories involve playing murder in the dark at a caravan park, or stargazing by a campfire.

But camping has it's risks, sometimes if you're unprepared, things can go bad real quick.

Here's some essential items that can save your camping trip.


Walkie talkies are a great accessory to have while camping. But they're useless without a reliable battery.

If you’re heading even further off-grid for long periods of time, a satellite phone can also come in handy.

Regardless of where you are, being able to contact the outside world is essential to mitigate an emergency in any camping situation.


Obviously if you're camping, you need light. Campfire's are great, but it's important to have a powerful light that you can carry around with you.

Flashlights are essential if you plan on going on night walks (to the bathroom). Lanterns are also handy if you want to light up your tent. Our website has a range of powerful batteries specifically for flashlights and battery powered lanterns.

And if you're keen on doing a bit of night driving, a solid pair of driving lamps are important to have.

Reliable Power Source

A more obvious reason. It is important to have a way to power all your accessories. One of our most popular products, the Projecta Powerhub, can do just that. This thing is great, it allows you to plug in and power your phone, GPS, music and most of your camping essentials.

Another way of making sure you always have plenty of power is by using a Foldable Solar Kit!.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on camping safety. Check out our other posts and make sure you come back next Wednesday for more!

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How Will You Be Commuting In The Future?

By tom brunton 14 days ago 51 Views No comments

One of the biggest issues facing the biggest cities of the world today is how we get to and from work each day. With train delays, freeway congestion and endless roadworks, the daily commute can take up a good portion of your day and can become the most frustrating part of it.

Right now, engineers, planners, construction workers and governments are figuring out ways to ease the effect of population growth on our transport systems, to make our commutes easier.

Here are some solutions to our transport problems:

1. High Speed Rail

An obvious solution which has been in front of us for decades. High-speed trains can travel up to 250 – 300 Kph and cut journey times by hours.

There have been many proposals for high speed rail in Australia, but they have never gone past the feasibility study.

Most recently it has been proposed that we build a high-speed link between Geelong and Melbourne. Linking regional centres to major cities is an effective way of getting people off the freeways and making commutes easier.

2. Automated Cars

Self-driving cars are all the rage right now. Companies such as Apple, BMW, Google and not to mention Tesla are investing in projects to make a car that is 100% driverless.

In an ideal world, where most cars are automated, the average commute will be smooth running, as the car's in-built computers will be doing all the driving, and the passegers can relax.

This isn’t without its issues; computer systems are still not 100% reliable. There have been cases of self-driving cars hitting pedestrians and getting into fiery wrecks. Another issue is that there is no existing algorithm that understands how to perform one of Melbourne's unique hook turns.

3. Flying With UBER

Announced in 2017, Uber is working on an aerial taxi service, hoping to make it a reality by 2020.

The service will involve the passenger booking the service on their Uber app, and heading up to a rooftop sky port to catch their ride.

It’s still in the early stages, but Uber is teaming up with manufactures to create prototypes and collaborating with NASA to build an air traffic control system for the service. Uber is also scouting potential cities to host this service, with Melbourne and Sydney on their list!

4. Elon Musk's Hyperloop

We get that he's been a bit of a tool this last month, but Elon Musk has been talking about this for years, and there are numerous companies currently building test tracks for the Hyperloop concept.

The Hyperloop service would make inter- state travel a breeze, it is believed it could cut the journey between Melbourne and Sydney down to roughly 45 minutes. This would make it much more feasible to travel between capital cities for work.

As for what this will cost, we may want to start saving now

5. Hand's Free Ticketing

How annoying is it when you get stuck at the ticket barriers at the station because your ‘smart’ card won’t work?

There are new ticketing systems in development that use RFID technology to scan your transport cards, without you even having to take it out of their pocket! This could potentially be used with smartphones as well.

This has potential to reduce foot traffic congestion in train stations and on busses, allowing for a better flowing commute home.

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Electric Cars And Their Supercharged Challenges

By tom brunton 20 days ago 65 Views No comments

In a time where environmental issues and fuel shortages are our biggest threat, Electric Cars are the light at the end of the tunnel. With Tesla, BMW, Mercedes and many other companies in the race to manufacture an appealing electric car, it seems as if it’s this generation’s space race. As fully sick as they are, EV’s still have their downfalls.

1. They aren't cheap

The main issue with Electric Cars is that since it is still relatively new technology, and they are not widely produced, they carry a hefty price tag. The cheapest Tesla you can get is still over $35,000. Even with tax credits and government subsidies, that’s a lot of money. So they're not exactly "Red P-plater on a budget" friendly

2. They're not pretty...

It may be a matter of personal preference, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing.
BMW Manufactures have designed these cars with the future in mind, however they may have gotten a little caught up in the sci – fi fantasy. This may be okay for people who like to turn heads on the road, but it fails to hit the market of people who want a simple car to get them from Point A to Point B.

3. They run off computer software

Look, it’s 2018, computers are everywhere and everything. It’s only natural that modern cars become operated by computers.
Unfortunately, with more computers comes a higher security risk.

If hackers can get access celebrity nudes, surely, they can access a car. The FBI has actually issued a warning regarding car hacking via the internet. In one case hackers managed to kill the transmission of a Grand Cherokee.

This is a major risk as, people need to feel safe and in control of their own vehicle.
The other issue with this is that companies may abuse their power and use software updates to ruin the performance of older models, the way Apple did in 2017.

4. They cause a massive fireball If they crash

It was bad enough when smartphone batteries where exploding in people’s faces, but car explosions are next level.
Tesla batteries are very powerful, which poses a greater risk in the event of a crash.

As recently as May 2018, two teens were killed in the US after their Tesla crashed and caught fire. Reportedly, the fire was so huge, it was impossible for them to escape.

As the demand for more powerful car batteries grows, manufacturers need to make safety their top priority during production of their vehicles.


As electric cars are becoming more desirable, people who work in the automotive industry are being left behind.

With robots and AI already posing a threat to factory jobs, increased demand for Electric Vehicles will only extend this threat further, as EVs require less manufacturing labour than fuel-based cars and are easier to build using machines. There is also a threat to jobs in the oil industry.

But let’s not be cynical, with exiting new technologies becoming reality each day, perhaps EV’s can help grow new industries and jobs in the future.

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Your Smartphone Battery and You

By Tom Brunton 28 days ago 608 Views No comments

“Oi, you got a charger?”

“Yeah, here”

“Nah, but a Samsung one though”

This is a regular conversation to hear these days. It seems as if phones have gotten smarter, but batteries have failed to keep up.

Luckily there are steps you can take to keep the quality of your phone’s battery to the highest (and safest) standard.


Charging is complicated. People seem to believe that they should be charging their phones to 100% whenever you can, however this is untrue. With Lithium Ion batteries (used in smart phones), it is actually recommended to keep them above 50 per cent the majority of the time.

Similar to the charge cycle mentioned in our post, “Signs That It’s Time to Fix That Laptop Battery”, fully charging your smartphone on a regular basis is actually damaging to your battery. It is recommended that you do a full re-charge maybe once a month and keep it between 40% and 80%.

Signs Your Battery has Expired

One of the most noticeable (and annoying) signs that your battery has gone bad is that it fails to hold it's charge. If your phone's power levels are dropping from 80% to 30% in under and hour, you need a new battery.

Another sign that it's past its use by is that your phone takes forever to charge, and no matter how long you charge it for, it struggles to reach 100%


We all remember the infamous reports in 2016 of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding, causing people to get injured. In this case it was a result of the batteries being oddly sized, causing overheating from the chemical reactions inside the battery.

Signs of a dangerous battery include

  • Regular overheating
  • Hissing
  • Bulging or swelling

Older batteries are more likely to be dangerous, If you suspect your smartphone has a dangerous battery, take it to your provider or an expert and get them to check it out.

What Phones Have The Best Batteries?

There’s a lot of debate over which brand makes the phones with the best batteries. It is generally accepted that iPhones have poor battery life compared to other brands. Here is a list of the phone brands with the best battery life

  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a battery with a life of nearly 17 hours.
  • Next up, the LG V30, with a 17.5 hour battery life. This phone also has a high-quality camera, it’s waterproof, features wireless charging and unlike the newer iPhones, sports a headphone jack.
  • The OnePlus 6’s battery lasted nearly 16 hours
  • In a tie with the previous phone, the Huawei P20 Pro also lasted 16 hours. However, there are some privacy and security concerns surrounding these phones, and they are actually banned from using the NBN in Australia.

We hope you've enjoyed this post, visit our site to see our range of smartphone batteries.

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Laptop Heating Up? Random Shutdowns? Might Be Time To Fix The Battery

By Tom Brunton 1 month ago 797 Views No comments

Signs That It's Time Fix That Battery

It’s common knowledge that laptops age over time, and eventually the time comes to throw in the towel and fork out the cash for a new one.

But sometimes, when a laptop is having issues, the solution is actually in the battery.

How Do I Know If It's The Battery?

The first (and most obvious) sign that the battery is dying, is that it runs out of power at faster rate. Batteries have a certain amount of times they can be charged and discharged, this is called a charging cycle. Once the battery hits a certain number of these cycles (400 is the average), the performance quality drops and it fails to hold its charge. If you regularly use your laptop plugged in, your battery may be past it's use by date.

Random shutdowns are also a key sign that there is something wrong with the battery. This can also be a sign that the hard drive is beginning to fail as well.

Lastly, overheating. If your laptop is overheating constantly, especially underneath, it may a be another sign that the battery is on its last legs.

Can I Fix The Battery?

While batteries can’t necessarily be ‘fixed’, there are ways to restore them and extend their life, and delay having to purchase a new one.

The first method is to monitor your power use. Most laptops have built apps that allow you to monitor power usage, and view which apps are draining it the most. Try closing the apps that are using the most energy (Google Chrome and Facebook normally do this), and switching off Blutooth, this will relieve pressure on the battery.

Secondly, removing the battery when it isn’t needed. If you are frequently using your PC laptop while plugged in, you may want to take the battery out, and leave the laptop plugged into the wall. This will save the battery cycles for when you use the computer remotely. Unfortunately you can't do this with MacBooks.

Will a New Battery Be Expensive?

Now for our shameless advertising! HBplus Battery Specialists does stock cheap laptop batteries!

We have a range of PC laptop batteries on our website, starting from $32.33!. As for MacBooks, we recommend getting Apple or an authorised Apple reseller to have a look

And Another Thing...

Don’t just toss your battery away! They contain harmful chemicals and if they end up in a landfill, they can cause extensive environmental damage.

There are battery recycling plants located all over Melbourne, you can find your nearest one here.

Keep an eye out for our next post on Smartphone battery maintenance.

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Projecta IS1200E & IS900E Jump Starters Shaking Up The Industry!

By Daniel Walker 1 years ago 4505 Views 2 comments

EDIT: Product has been recalled due to safety issues. A relaunch is coming in the coming months and we will update at this time

Details of the recall can be found HERE

When Projecta launched their new range of Lithium Jump Starters a few months ago I was extremely excited. Projecta are well known for their quality and durability and a lithium jump starter was noticeably missing from their range. Why was it missing from their range and what took them so long to release one?

Projecta were not wanting to release the same jump starter as all the competitors with the only difference being their logo. They did their market research and planned carefully so that when they released they are without question the simplest and most easy to use available on the market. Since the launch late in 2016 Projecta's range of Lithium Jump starters are putting all other brands to shame and made most of them almost absolute in one foul swoop.

But why? What is it that makes the Projecta excel above all of the others? The answer as actually quite simple and that is in its simplicity!! At the end of the day the goal of the Lithium Jump starter is for it to be affordable, safe, easy to use and able to jump start your bike, car, boat or tractor easily and reliably every time and if you can use it as an auxiliary power source or back up power to charge you phone, tablet or handheld device that is a bonus. Whats is required for all of the above to occur?

You need to be able to:

  • Jump Start your vehicle
  • See what you are doing in the dark so that you can find the battery terminals so you can connect the jump starter to them
  • Be able to easily store and access the jump starter in your car
  • Charge your phone if it is flat so you can call for help if there is a bigger issue than a flat battery

Well just see the list of features of Projecta's IS1200E & IS900E Jumpstarter they have nailed it from every angle, they didn't bolt on anything additional or unnecessary or include a large variety of plugs and adaptors that made the case bulky and fat. Everything is streamlined and serves a purpose! It fits easily away into a quiet corner of the car, under your seat, or even in next to the spare wheel. They have just what you need and nothing more!


  • Affordable Price tag
  • Either a 900A or 1200A Peak Amp capacity
  • 6600mAh - 13500mAh Battery Capacity
  • 2.1A USB Output
  • Inbuilt Flood Light Powered off the internal battery
  • Market Leading Lithium Cobalt Battery Technology

Each of the Projecta jump starters Includes/Contains

  • Durable Padded Carry Case
  • 12V, 2.1A USB Charging Plug Adaptor
  • Micro USB Charging Lead
  • Premium Spark-free Clamps

The choice really is simple. Projecta Lithium Jump Starters are the now the number 1 choice to make when buying a lithium jump starter.

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