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Why HVT (DryCell)?

Also known as the Dry Cell Range, these genuine AGM batteries are guaranteed for high performance.

The special alloy increases the batteries cycle life, giving you more use. Thanks to the diecast grid, this is a range that won't corrode or rust away over time.

These batteries don't just compete against other brands, they remain a class of their own.

The HVT range is a perfect match for Australia’s hot climate, and with a high CCA Rating throughout the entire range to get you through Winter.


SSB does not cheap out on safety. The HVT (Dry Cell) range is 100% sealed, making it spill and leak proof.

The range also features a Thermal Management System, to prevent the battery from overheating during use.


Batteries in this range can be used in motorcycles, jet skis and other marine uses, and it can also be used as a backup power supply.


All SSB products come with a full 2-year replacement warranty.