Type Coin/ button cell
Chemistry/ Composition Lithium
Voltage 3V
Diameter 16mm
Thickness 3.2mm
Capacity Approx. 130 mAh
Operating temperature Approx. -30°C to 60°C
Shelf life Approx. 10 years
Self-discharge Approx. 1% per year when stored under normal temperature and humidity
BR1632 Vs. CR1632
BR1632 CR1632
Chemical Composition Made of Lithium and Poly-Carbonmonofluoride Made of Lithium and Manganese Dioxide
Operating Temperatures Can operate at higher temperatures of up to approx. 80°C Has a maximum operating temperature of approx. 60°C
Application More suitable for low drain devices such as real-time clocks More suitable for high drain devices such as keyless entry systems