‘BR’ type ‘CR’ type
Chemistry Lithium poly-carbon monofluoride Lithium manganese dioxide
Operating temperature -30°C- +80°C -30°C- +60°C
Current handling capacity Good Excellent
Voltage discharge Stable to end of battery life Gradually decreases
Current discharge Better for low drain Better for high drain
Applications Memory backup Intermittent pulse mode
Model Nominal voltage Nominal capacity Operating temperature range
Duracell DL2430 3V 300mAh -30°C- +60°C
Energizer CR2430 3V 320mAh -30°C- +60°C
Panasonic CR2430 3V 285mAh -30°C– +60°C
Varta CR2430 3V 300mAh -20°C- +70°C
Murata CR2430 3V 280mAh -30°C- +70°C

Featured Image from: Flickr by Pete