Factor Description
  • Cylindrical cell with jelly roll layers
  • Lithium metal anode
  • Iron disulphide cathode
  • Non-aqueous lithium salt electrolyte
Efficient Features
  • Can operate well in extreme temperatures (-40°C to 60°C)
  • High energy density
  • Constant discharge rate
  • PTC safety cut off feature
  • 20+ years shelf life
  • Large interface to provide enough capacity for high drain devices
  • Anti-leakage casing
Care Precautions
Factor Description
  • 1.55 V
  • 64 mAh nominal capacity
  • 9.5X3.6 mm (width and height)
  • 1.1 g weight
  • Silver oxide and zinc chemistry
Efficient Features
  • A considerably higher voltage and energy density then comparable cells
  • Flat discharge curve provides consistent voltage throughout the life of the battery
  • Works well at low temperatures
Care and Precautions
  • Do not mix with other batteries
  • Keep out of reach of minors to prevent swallowing risks
  • Store them away from metal objects and avoid stacking them to prevent short circuiting
  • Remove from gadgets that are not being used for a while