Energizer Battery Applications
Type Application
Energizer Lithium Photo 123, CR2, 2CR5, 223 Video production and media industry: digital and film cameras
Energizer Electronics Batteries Small-size electronic devices: glucose monitors, watches
Silver Oxide Watch Batteries Watches
Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Different-size hearing aids
Energizer Coin Batteries Small-size consumer goods: digital scales, digital thermometers, calculators, bank card readers
Energizer MAX batteries Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
Composition Alkaline Lithium
Size Options AA, AAA*, C, D, 9V AA, AAA*, 9V
Best Used In Everyday consumer devices such as remotes, flashlights, toys, and CD players High-tech devices such as cell phones, cameras, and handheld GPS devices.
Shelf Life AA, AAA, C, D up to 10 years; AAAA, N, 9V, 6V up to 5 years AA, AAA up to 20 years; 9V up to 10 years

Featured Image from: Flickr by Mike Mozart