Battery Property Battery Description
Designation IEC LR6
Chemical Category Alkaline
Chemistry Zinc Manganese-Oxide (Zn/MnO2)
Weight 24.0 grams
Terminals Flat
Operating Temperature -20 to 54°C (-4 to 130°F)
Nominal Voltage 1.5v
Shelf Life 7 years at 21°C
Area of Application Description Device examples
Medicine and Health (patient rooms, labs, pharmacy, operating rooms etc.) Procell industrial batteries reduce replacement time and costs for devices used by hospital staff.

Doctors, nurses and their assistants can therefore concentrate on providing services for their patients.
Penlights, heart rate monitors, infusion and oxygen pumps etc.
Education (classrooms, auditoriums, audiovisual room, offices of administration, science labs etc.) Education staff and administrators using Procell industrial batteries experience long-lasting service.

They, therefore, attend to other service and maintenance operations.
Clocks, laser pointers, wireless microphones etc.
Hospitality (Gyms, guest rooms, pools and spas etc.) Procell’s long lasting nature helps staff in minimizing customer support costs and increasing quality of service. Hand sanitizers, thermostats, air fresheners etc.
Manufacturing (Materials inventory, data services, production line etc.) The Procell industrial battery helps manufacturers optimize output and maintenance uptime. Air quality testers, HACCP monitors, RH temperature monitors etc.
Safety and Security (Firehouses, fire stations, operations and maintenance etc.) Procell saves time for safety personnel. They can use this to intensify premise safety and security. Infrared thermometers, safety locators, smoke detectors etc.

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