Battery Chargers

  1. SKU: I-POWER-9V I-Power 9V 700mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  2. SKU: STRK7214 Stryka 4 Slot 9V Li-ion/Lipo Smart Charger
  3. SKU: STRK7252-7214-Combo Stryka 4 x 9V Lithium & Charger Combo
  4. SKU: I-POWER-AAx8CHGR I-POWER 8 x AA Lithium Fast Smart Charger
  5. SKU: VA57268412401 Universal Charger, Charges AA, AAA, C, D, 9V
  6. SKU: VA57270412451 Varta Rapid LCD AA and AAA NiMH 2 Hour Charger
  7. SKU: VA57285412441 VARTA Ultra Fast AA / AAA LCD Battery Charger
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Battery Chargers

Charger and Battery Combinations, Wireless Mobile Cell Phone Chargers and much more.

Battery Chargers, Charger and Battery Combinations, Wireless Mobile Cell Phone battery Chargers and much more from HB Plus Battery Specialists. Battery chargers are a part of our everyday lives, and when your battery charger starts to fail, you find yourself looking for a quality replacement. Our range of quality and reliable battery chargers will give you confidence and ensure all your devices and gadgets are ready for use when you need them mosts. Find a great range of battery chargers for a range of products, here. 

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