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Sentry Longest Golf Cart Series

Longest Golf cart by Sentry Golf Cart Batteries are manufactured with thicker paste and 4BS (Tetra Basic lead sulphate) application to increase the life cycle and maximise capacity. ÊThese unique Deep Cycle Sentry Golf Cart batteries are available in 6, 8 and 12 volt and are built to stand the rough conditions and terrains that they are subjected to.

Sentry Golf Cart Battery Applications

  • Mobile cranes

  • Scissor lifts

  • Auto Transportation Equipment

  • Forklifts

  • Electric wheelchairs

Feature & Benefits

  • Case/Lid Ð Less weight, shock-resistant and acid-resistant by PP resin and specially designed structure to prevent short-circuit from active-material shedding in the bottom

  • Terminal Ð Casted with special lead alloy and special plating to minimise heat generation and electric resistance.

  • Designed to vibration resistance

  • Easy detachable with standard & Bolt/Nut Structure

  • Cap Ð Engineering structure to vent gas out

  • Easy to refill and maintenance

  • Separator Ð Porous Rubber material against acid and corrosion

  • Excellent physical characteristics and lower electric resistance

  • Using micro-fiber Glass-mat against active-material shedding

  • Plates Ð Negative to 99.9% pure lead with hard paste feature, specific additives for deep cycle purpose

  • Positive Corrosion Ð resistant grid with hard paste feature, specific additives for deep cycle purpose