48V 81Ah DIY Universal Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kit with On-board Charger - Lithium Golf 51.2V 81Ah Modular Series, Replaces lead-acid batteries

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Upgrade Your Golf Cart with the 48V DIY Universal Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kit 48V 81Ah

Seamlessly Replace Lead-Acid Batteries

Looking to elevate your golf cart's performance? It's time to say goodbye to standard lead-acid batteries. With our 48V DIY Universal Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Kit with On-board Charger, replacing your traditional batteries has never been easier. These 48V Lithium batteries slot right in place of your regular 8v lead-acid deep cycle batteries, such as the Trojan T875, that power most electric golf carts.

Customize Capacity to Your Needs

Each of our lithium batteries boasts a 27Ah capacity. We recommend installing at least two for a combined capacity of 54Ah. Need more range? No problem. Add a third battery for 81Ah. And if you need even more, just continue adding 27Ah batteries to meet your specific requirements.

Remember to Pair with the included Lithium Charger Only!

Please note that a Lithium charger is required for this setup. Your standard golf cart charger will not be compatible with these batteries. It comes with a charger and you need to strictly use this charger only. 

Experience the Lithium Advantage

So, why choose lithium? Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • No need to top up battery water
  • Quick charging - as fast as 5 hours for a 81Ah setup
  • Extended lifespan - 2500+ cycles compared to 300-500 for lead-acid batteries
  • Weight reduction leading to more efficient energy consumption, faster speed, better acceleration, and improved handling and braking

Simple Installation with a Crucial Difference

While installation is straightforward, it's important to remember that these batteries must be wired in parallel, not in series, like standard golf cart batteries. This is because each of our batteries already provides 48V, so the wiring needs to multiply capacity, not voltage. Please refer to the pictures included in the listing for reference.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Replacement: Direct replacement for standard lead-acid golf cart batteries.
  • Customizable Capacity: Install two or more 27Ah batteries to meet your specific needs.
  • Lithium Charger Required: Remember to use a compatible Lithium charger with these batteries.
  • Lithium Benefits: Enjoy no water top-ups, quick charging, extended lifespan, and a lightweight setup for improved performance.
  • Simple Installation: Just remember to wire in parallel, not in series.

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