Enecharger QI Wireless Receiver for Samsung Galaxy S4


Enecharger QI Wireless Receiver for Samsung Galaxy S4

Qi charging receiver suitable for Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9500, GT-i9502, GT-i9505). Works with any Qi charging device.

Just insert the receiver card by lining up the charge contacts with the Qi ready contacts in the phone. Put the rear cover back on the phone and start using!

Phone shown is a Samsung Galaxy S4. Shape of receiver card and position of Qi charging contacts will vary for each phone. Phone is not included.

Qi (pronounced 'CHEE') is the internationally adopted standard for wireless charging of digital devices. Induction coils are used to transmit and receive power via electromagnetic induction that will in turn charge the battery of the device.

A Qi enabled device is simply placed on top of the Qi charging pad for the device to start charging. No wires or connectors are required.

The Qi standard is gaining greater popularity as many more devices have become compatible recently. Major airports such as London Heathrow & JFK in New York have already adopted Qi into charging stations. Major coffee shop chains have started to follow suit and Qi hotspots are expected to soon become common in places such as transport stations, sporting arenas and even in motor vehicles as is currently b(more...)

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