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Narva Extreme Driving Lamps

Narva Extreme Driving Lamps is an entirely new concept in driving light construction, the Narva Extreme driving lamp is mounted within a protective steel frame that suspends the lamp from 3 points. With extra heavy-duty rubber grommets at the three anchor points guarantees that once fastened the screws and adjusting knob cannot work loose. The use of these anchor points and grommets isolate the lamp from the frame providing the ultimate protection against against aggressive vibration. It has a tig welded chromoly steel frame combined with a glass reinforced nylon housing to offer the highest level of impact protection available on the market. They are waterproof with an IP67 rating, internal gore-tex breather completely that completely seals out water, dust and grime. They are available in HID and Halogen with the choice of either a black or chrome mount.

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