1. SKU: MX1000 12/24V CLASS 1 LED STROBE (A) MX1000
  2. SKU: IM150 Projecta IM150 12V 150W INVERTER IM150
  3. SKU: IM300 Projecta IM300 12V 300W INVERTER IM300
  4. SKU: IP1000 12V 1000W PURE SINE WAVE INV. IP1000
  5. SKU: IP150 12V 150W PURE SINE WAVE INVER. IP150
  6. SKU: IP2000 Projecta IP2000 12V 2000W PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER
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Pure Sine Wave Inverters & Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Projecta Inverters both pure sine and modified sine available. Browse this range of inverters and choose the perfect inverter option for your needs. Convert direct current into alternating current with our range of inverters, perfect to suit any inverter job you need done. 

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