ES40TL-60L SSB ES Automotive 12V 450CCA Battery


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ES40TL/60L SSB ES Automotive 12V 450CCA Battery


Like its name suggests, the SSB Economy Series has been specifically designed with Value for Money in mind. Like its sister range, SSB Automotive, the SSB Economy Series is a Genuine Maintenance-Free in every respect. SSB Economy batteries are filled and heat sealed at the factory so that you simply install this battery and virtually forget about it. No need to add water.

SSB Economy batteries are made of the same high quality materials that the SSB Automotive range are made of and are also manufactured to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001. We have simply lowered the capacity a little to provide a cheaper alternative.

The battery has been developed in Australia by Australians to meet the ever increasing needs of the modern vehicle whilst standing up to our harsh environmental conditions and despite its “Budget” style image, this Genuine Cast Calcium-Calcium battery is by no means a battery of sub quality standard.

Key Features

  • Value for Money Economy Series
  • Non-Spillable - Sealed
  • Long Life
  • Genuine Cast Calcium-Calcium MF


  • Volts: 12
  • CCA: 450
  • Reserve Capacity: 70
  • Regular Charge: 3.2
  • Max Charge: 8
  • Plate Type: Expanded Grid
  • Separator Type: PE Envelope
  • Usage: Starting

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