SS94C High Performance Maintenance Free Truck Battery


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SS94C High Performance Maintenance Free Truck Battery


SSB's Truck & Tractor batteries come from a realization: that there simply weren't enough high-quality truck batteries on the market. Most truck batteries last only a year and a half on average before breaking down - slamming the buyer with the cost of maintenance and unnecessary downtime. If you're running an enterprise - farming, freight, transport - the last thing you need is to lose revenue because of faulty or unreliable gear.

The main reason those other batteries die so quickly is their inferior design. They use expanded grid or hybrid technology to cut manufacturing costs while still delivering good specs. If you're after a cheaper battery up-front, that's fine. But expanded grid batteries corrode at a faster rate, so they'll never last as long as a Die Cast Grid. They're also far more susceptible to vibration damage - which is a huge issue if you're driving large vehicles. On the other hand, SSB's SS94C Truck & Tractor batteries are made with extra-thick, marine grade plates and Glass Matt Envelope Separators which are significantly more vibration resistant. They also now use unique fluid displacement technology to stop overheating, loss of fluid, and separation of fluid from the plates which all add up to dramatically increase their service life.

Superstart doesn't cheap out on manufacturing. They're one of a small handful in Australia that uses Die Cast Grid Technology, and they continue to innovate on top of that and eliminate "fact of life" problems we've had for years.

Buying a SS94C, you will pay a little more up front than if you chose a cheaper alternative. But when you add up the savings on downtime, service life, and replacement / service costs, you actually come out on top in the long run. As they say, "You get what you pay for." With SSB, you pay for quality. This SS94C is fully backed with an Industry-Leading 2 Year Commercial Warranty to ensure you get that quality.


Volts: 12
CCA: 1200
Reserve Capacity: 400
AH (20hr): 150
Regular Charge: 13
Max Charge: 32.5
Plate Type: Die Cast Grid
Usage: Starting, Marine
Terminal Type: Standard SAE Terminal


Length: 500mm
Width: 212mm
Height: 196mm
Terminal Height: 219mm
Weight: 42KG

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