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Duracell Batteries Wholesale

Duracell is a world-renowned American brand of battery known for being trustworthy and reliable. Duracell is constantly working on innovations to improve their batteriesÕ performance. Their most recent breakthroughs have been improvements in battery core technology to make their power last longer; and Duralock Power Preserve technology to ensure batteries last up to ten years in storage. Duracell also have an exclusive powercheck feature that enables you to see at a glance exactly how much power your battery has left. These innovations are the reason Duracell has remained at the top of its game in battery manufacture for 50 years, and why Duracell are batteries worth buying in bulk.

Duracell provide a range of batteries for a variety of applications and purposes. You can use Duracell batteries to power your consumer devices at home, or for high volume industrial strength applications. At HBPlus Battery Specialists we stock the following Duracell batteries for wholesale: Coppertops, Ultras, and Procells.

Coppertops offer reliable, long-lasting power for use in smoke detectors and other appliances that use 9 volt batteries. Ultras use pure, high quality materials in its construction to deliver up to 40 percent more power in high-drain devices. And Procells are heavy-duty batteries for use in industrial applications.

We are the largest volume supplier of Duracell brand batteries in Australia. When you need to buy Duracell batteries wholesale, we are the natural choice. We supply Duracell direct; order online or come to our store in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, to pick up your Duracell bulk batteries in-store.