Hearing Aid Battery Information

A hearing aid battery comes in various sizes and types. These battery sizes are available as size 10, 13, 312, and 675. It is either available as a primary or rechargeable battery. The lifespan of hearing aid batteries range from 3-20 days. Hearing aid rechargeable batteries are charged during the night and comes in behind-the-ear styles. Zinc air coin batteries for hearing aid is the standard primary battery with up to 3 years stability under room temperature and dry condition. 

Hearing aid battery, Duracell EASYTAB 312HPX8
Dimensions Width Approx: 5.80 - 11.60 mm Height Approx: 3.60 - 5.40 mm

10, 13, 312, 675, 675 HP


How long does a hearing aid battery last?

A hearing aid battery lasts for about 3 to 22 days. This depends on the type of the hearing aid that you are using. You also need to consider your battery capacity and type. The frequency of using your hearing device and the amount of streaming you do also affect battery life.


Which hearing aid battery lasts longest?

Rayovac Proline Advanced Mercury-free Hearing Aid Batteries 312 is the world's longest lasting battery. Most consumers have tried and tested this product and thus, it is proven to last the longest.


How do I use hearing aid battery tester?

To use a hearing aid battery tester, simply slide the battery in the arrow's direction. Read onscreen result. Now, place the battery in your hearing aid. Close your device's battery door. With your hand closed around the hearing aid, hold it near your ear. You should then hear a squealing sound from your device to know that the battery is functioning well. 


Do you offer bulk pricing for hearing aid batteries?

Yes, we are the Australia's trusted direct supplier and hearing aid battery wholesaler. We offer bulk pricing for hearing aid batteries and other accessories for greater savings and convenience. Contact us now for quick order processing with 1-day shipping feature.

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