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What is an AAA battery? Triple A or AAA battery is smaller in size than AA battery. It comes as both disposable and rechargeable battery. Lithium and alkaline AAA batteries are the primary versions. Lithium-ion, Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) AAA batteries are its rechargeable versions. These are commonly used in digital cameras, MP3 players, TV remote controls, electronic vehicles, cordless computer mouse and keyboard, and other small low drain electronic devices. Bulk AAA batteries come in such famous brands as Duracell AAA batteries, Energizer AAA batteries, and Procell AAA batteries. These are also available in various chemistries as Lithium AAA, Carbon Zinc AAA, Alkaline AAA, and NiMH AAA batteries.

AAA Batteries, Buy AAA batteries in bulk
Dimensions Length Approx: 44.50 - 44.50 mm Diameter Approx: 10.50 - 10.50 mm
Voltage: 1.2V, 1.25V, 1.5V, 3.7V
Chemistry Alkaline, Zinc Carbon, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

MN2400, MX2400, U16, UM4, Type 286, #7, 6135-99-117-3143


What is the difference between AA and AAA battery?

The main difference is the size. AAA battery is smaller than  AA battery  . Yet, they both carry the same amount of voltage just like the  D battery  .

What are the strongest AAA batteries?  

The five strongest  AAA batteries  are  Energizer Ultimate Lithium  Battery, Duracell Ultrapower Alkaline Battery,  Sanyo  ,  Eneloop   Rechargeable Battery , Panasonic Evolta Alkaline Battery, and Kirkland Signature Alkaline Battery.

Are AAA batteries good?

AAA batteries are good for their warranties. Theses batteries also come from reputable brands so you can be sure to maintain the performance of low drain devices.

Do you offer bulk pricing for AAA batteries?

Yes, we offer bulk pricing for AAA batteries. We have a full range from such reputable brands as Duracell, Procell, Eneloop, Ansmann, Camelion, and Energizer AAA batteries to give you the full benefits of buying bulk batteries. As Australia's  AAA Battery Wholesaler, we take pride in giving you premium Duracell AAA  batteries or any other brand at the lowest market price for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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