CR2025 Battery Information

CR2025 batteries are lithium coin batteries that are 2.5mm thick with a diameter of 20mm. These batteries are non-rechargeable and disposable. They have up to 170 mAh and a voltage of 3V. These batteries power such small ekectronic devices as medical equipment, calculators, watches, remote controls, LED light in keys chains, remote car keys, among others.

CR2025 3V 170mAh Lithium coin cell, a very popular CR2025 battery in use
Dimensions Thickness Approx: 2.50 - 2.50 mm Diameter Approx: 20.0 - 20.0 mm
Voltage: 3V
Chemistry Lithium, Lithium Manganese Dioxide

ECR 2025, 5003LC, 280-205, DL2025, BR2025, AWI L12, SB-T14, Panasonic CR2025, Energizer ECR2025, RadioShack CS015, Duracell DL2025, Citizen 280-205, Varta CR2025, Kodak KCR2025, I.E.C.  CR2025 , RadioShack UBATL0006TAZZ, RadioShack CS1005, Fuji CR2025, Sony CR2025, Seiko SBT14,  Sanyo  CR2025, Eveready CR2025, ElectroChem 3B980,  Saft  LM2025, Rayovac KECR2025, 2025, and NEDA 5003LC.


Can a CR2025 battery be used instead of CR2032?
Yes, these two types of batteries can be used interchangeably in most cases. While most
devices will strongly recommend CR2025 or CR2032 as specified on its respective manual, these two is interchangeable if the specific CR2025 or CR2032 is not available.

What is the main difference between CR2032 battery and CR2025?
The basic difference lies on the thickness. CR2032 is obviously thicker than CR2025. This thickness implies that CR2032 battery can have longer battery life than CR2025. However, CR2025 works best on electronic devices that are restricted for such battery type. The best thing to do is to check your device about specific battery recommendations to optimize your device’s functionalities.

How can I preserve CR2025 battery life?
Here are some of the best practices in preserving CR2025 battery life.

  1. Turn off unattended devices.
    This reduces the power that CR2025 battery produces to sustain your gadget’s functionalities. Doing so preserves battery life and optimizes your device’s functions for future use.
  2. Know when to fully discharge or charge batteries.
    Lithium batteries such as CR2025 and other variants must not be drained or fully discharged so as not to damage the battery’s storage capacity. Shallow discharging and prolonging charging of your CR2025 battery is strongly recommended.
  3. Use the recommended battery charger.
    Universal chargers might work but if you want to optimize battery life, it is best to always use the original charger that comes along with your device upon purchase. If you need to replace it, make sure to get the exact brand and model of that specific charger.
  4. Keep them cool.
    You can extend the shelf life of your CR2025 battery if you keep your device in a cool place and not overuse it. Exposing the battery to warm temperature decreases its chemistry that eventually degrades battery life.
  5. Remove unessential features.
    Turning on unnecessary features or installing more apps that you rarely use not only cause trouble to your device’s storage or memory capacity but also reduces battery life and overall performance.

Do you offer bulk pricing for CR2025?
Yes, as the leading battery wholesaler in Australia, we offer bulk pricing for a wide range of batteries and new products, including CR2025

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