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Camera batteries of original brand and even long-lasting replacement batteries at HBPlus Battery Specialists Australia give you the outstanding performance to your photography projects. These batteries give you the best performance in capturing any special moment for both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for suitable replacement batteries, make sure that it's recommended by the manufacturer or it is really compatible to your digital camera's battery requirements. Replacement batteries work very well with cameras if they are compatible enough with your camera's specific power requirements. Battery Specialists Australia give you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to battery requirements, power options, and unbeatable price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all camera batteries the same?

No, camera batteries come in four main types. These are the battery pack, rechargeable, alkaline, and lithium batteries.

How long do camera batteries last?

On average, camera batteries last for 8-10 hours before they need to be recharged. 

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes, we do. We have bulk pricing plans that you can choose from, depending on your specific battery requirements and usage. Get more savings with bulk batteries and enjoy high-quality camera batteries in your daily photos or perofessional projects. Contact the Battery Specialists  now!

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LR44 battery, Maxell Strip of 10
Panasonic CR123A Lithium Battery
CR1-3N Fujitsu Lithium Battery
ANSMANN 6V Alkaline 4LR44 Battery
Photo Lithium Battery
Panasonic 2CR5 Lithium Battery
A1PX 1.5V Alkaline Battery
Panasonic CR-P2 Lithium Battery
A19PX Alkaline Battery
A14PX 3V Alkaline Battery

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