CR2032 Batteries Information

These batteries have a voltage of 3 volts. They either come as coin/button cell or PLC batteries. These batteries are usually used for calculators, glucose monitors, and fitness devices. Lithium is the most common battery chemistry for CR2032 batteries.

Want to Know More About CR2032 Battery?

CR2032 battery is a common non-rechargeable lithium battery. It features Lithium as the negative electrode and Manganese Dioxide as the positive electrode. This coin battery is also used to power medical devices, wristwatches, back up batteries for real-time clock (RTC), and nonvolatile BIOS memory on computer motherboards.

FDK CR2032-T14-1 FDK Lithium Coin Cell Battery
Dimensions Length Approx: 3.2 mm - 3.2 mm Diameter Approx: 20 mm - 20 mm
Voltage: 3V
Chemistry Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Lithium/Carbon Monofluoride, Lithium Ion

BR2032, LiR2032, KT-CR2032, E-CR2032, KL2032, DL2032, CR2032BP, 5004LC, SB-T15, DJ2032, EA-2032C, 5004LB, GPCR2032, KCR2032, L14, LM2032


Are all 2032 batteries non-rechargeable?

CR2032 lithium batteries are non-rechargeable. LiR2032 is its rechargeable variant.

Do you offer bulk orders for CR2032 batteries?

Yes, we do. As Australia's leading wholesaler, we make sure that both small-scale and bulk orders are handled well and delivered at your doorstep the soonest possible time. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you right away.

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PROCELL CR2032 3V Box of 20 ( 4 Strips of 5)
CR2032 3V 235mAh Lithium Coin Cell
Lithium PCB D+10mm S- 18mm 3V 235mAh
CR2032 Lithium Battery
Lithium PCB D+10mm S- 15mm 3V 235mAh
Lithium PCB S+S- 22.5mm 3V 235mAh
Lithium PCB S+S- 20.4mm 3V 235mAh
Lithium PCB S+S- 10.35mm 3V 235mAh
Lithium PCB S+S- 15.2mm 3V 235mAh
Lithium PCB S+S- 20mm

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