I-POWER 8 x AA Lithium Fast Smart Charger


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I-POWER 8 x AA Lithium Charger

This I-Power AA charger features 8 independent charging channels supporting multi-chemistry/multi-capacity simultaneous charging along with smart & fast charging features, such as Auto trickle charge, CC (Constant current), CV (Constant voltage) & safety features like High Temperature, Reverse insert, Defective battery, Non-rechargeable battery, Over Charge protection.

Fast charge Li-Polymer AA 2600 mWh battery in 1.5 hour.
Fast Charging Ni-MH (Ni-CD) AA battery in 2.0~2.5 hours.


  • AA Battery Fast Smart Charger x1
  • Universal power adapter x1 (AC100V~240V, UL, PSE, GS/TUV)
  • Car Cord (DC12V) x1

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