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What is a Carbon Zinc Battery? A Carbon Zinc Battery or a zinc-carbon battery is a dry cell battery people commonly used for portable electric devices such as flashlights, remote controls, clocks, and transistor radios. It is also called primary battery because it is disposable and cannot be recharged. The Carbon Zinc Battery has three basic parts; the zinc anode, which is the battery container, a carbon rod, and the cathode. These three basic parts play the role of the conventional current flow, from entering, storing, and releasing of energy.

4R25 Consumer Carbon Zinc 6V Lantern Battery
Dimensions Weight Approx: 6.20 - 900.0 g Diameter Approx: 30.2 - 170.0 mm Height Approx: 13.5 - 14.5 mm
Voltage: 1.5, 6V, 9V
Chemistry Carbon Zinc

Can Carbon Zinc Batteries be mixed with other kinds of batteries to power a device?

Mixing Carbon Zinc Batteries with other kinds of batteries to power a device may damage the device because of over-discharging of the lower capacity batteries and the electrolyte leakage.


How long do Carbon Zinc batteries last?

It can last for one to three years.


Are Carbon Zinc batteries hazardous when disposed?

Unlike lithium batteries that can be hazardous if disposed while not properly discharged and button batteries that contain mercury and silver which are hazardous substances, Carbon Zinc Batteries are not hazardous and can be safely put in the trash.


What is the difference between Carbon Zinc battery and alkaline battery?

Although Carbon Zinc Batteries and alkaline batteries have similarities such as being dry cells, they have many differences such as in internal material components, capacity and price, (alkaline is larger than carbon zinc battery and is more expensive) in uses,  (carbon zinc batteries are used for low-current electrical devices while alkaline batteries are for high-current electrical devices) and in environment protection features.

Do you offer bulk pricing for Carbon Zinc batteries?

Yes, we offer bulk pricing for carbon zinc batteries. Save more with heavy duty carbon zinc batteries in bulk of your desired brand. Our batteries are of premium quality at the lowest market price to give you the full advantage and better performance you need. Call Battery Specialists now and get 1-day shipping for orders within Melbourne.


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