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Projecta's new range of Intelli-Start Lithium Jumpstarters brings Projecta into a new era. The lithium battery technology powering Intelli-Start Jumpstarters provides high performance jumpstarting in an ultra compact and lightweight package. IS910E and IS1210E are more than 90% lighter than the equivalent lead acid jumpstarter.

Lithium technology allows much longer storage life without requiring recharge, offers faster recharging via USB, high power output and up to two times the life of the equivalent lead acid jumpstarter.

Unlike many Lithium Jumpstarters the Intelli-Start range provides maximum protection, safety and reliability ensuring the user, vehicle and jumpstarter are completely safe and easy to use.

Operating at 12V and covering the majority of the motorcycle, passenger car and 4WD market, Intelli- Start Jumpstarters are designed to allow incredibly long storage life making them ideal for use as emergency jumpstarters. This means they can be stored in a vehicle in the knowledge that they will be ready to use when the time comes.

In addition to being jumpstarters the IS910E and IS1210E also act as power banks enabling charging of any phone type as well as tablets and other portable devices such as sat navs. IS910E and IS1210E are also equipped with a flood light allowing safe and easy use at night.

Key Features

-900A Peak Amps
-280A Clamp Power
-Lithium Cobalt (LiCo) Chemistry
-Battery Capacity: 6,600 mAH
-Battery Cycles: 500
-Maximum Protection, Safety and Reliability
-Starts vehicles up to 3.2L Diesel and 6.0L Petrol*
-2.1A USB Accessory Port


-Durable Padded Carry Case
-12V, 2.1A USB Charging Plug Adaptor
-Micro USB Charging Lead
-Premium Spark-free Clamps

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