Camcorder Battery to replace Panasonic LB-VWVBM10, Vision CP1223C

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LB-VWVBM10 12V 2Ah SLA Battery

Replaces now out of production Panasonic models LCS2312, LC-SA1222312AVBNC, LC-SA122R3BU, LC-SA122R3CU, LC-SA122R3EU, VW-VB30, VW-VB31, VW-VBM10, VW-VBM10E, VW-VBM1U, VW-VBM7E.


Sealed Lead Acid Battery Valve Regulated (AGM Type)

Ideal for Cyclic & Standby, Camcorder, Video, and Medical Equipment

Key Features

  • Sealed Lead


CP1223C, LP12-2.3C, PS-1223, WP1223A, LCS2312, LC-SA1222312AVBNC, LC-SA122R3BU, LC-SA122R3CU, LC-SA122R3EU, VW-VB30, VW-VB31, VW-VBM10, VW-VBM10E, VW-VBM1U, VW-VBM7E


1275A Merlin Monitor, 1276A Merlin Monitor, 1277A Merlin Monitor, Crash Cart (Slimline), Medication Cart (E-Series), CR-30A, F1000S, VC10, VC10A, VC20, VC30, VR10, VR20A, VR30, VR40, VR50, CV-765, CV-770, CV-C70, CV-T124, CV-T60, CV-T608, CV-T60G, CV-T65, CV-T7, CV-T70, CV-T72, CV-T73, CV-T74, CV-T80, CVC-800, Model 800 Baby Scale, 340 OTDR Plus Multitester II, 8700 Monitor, 8700T Monitor, 8710 Monitor, 8720 Monitor, Dinamap Compact TS, 768, 770, 772, 773, AV-800, BV-800, BV-880, CV-800, CV-820, HV-768, HV-770, HV-773, PV-800, QD00004, 1CVA125, 1CVA155, 1CVD3020X, 1CVD4020X, 1CVD4021, 1CVD5021, 1CVD5021X, 1CVD5022, 1CVD5023, 1CVD5024, 1CVD5025, 1CVD5025B, 1CVD5025X, 1CVD5026, 1CVD5027, 1CVD5028, 1CVD5028B, 1CVK5040, 1CVM8080, 1CVP4024, 1CVP5021, 1CVP5022B, 1CVP5022BX, 1CVP5024, 1CVP5026X, 1CVP5027, 1CVP5028B, 1CVP5030, 1CVP6022, 1CVP6024, 1CVP6026, 1CVP6028, 1CVP6030, 5036, 5200, 5424, 5426, 5428, 5430, 5440, 5442, 5740, 5747, 9-9605, 9-9606, 9-9607, 9-9608, 9-9610, 9-9805, 9-9806, 9-9807, 9-9808, 9-9809, 9-9810, 9-9815, CG-911, CG-9805, CG-9806, CG-9807, CG-9808, CG-9810, CG-9815, CG-9820, CG-9825, CG-9915, CG-9920, V-9607, Model 800 Baby Scale, Millennium 3500U, 686-5100, 686-5110, 686-5111, 686-5115, 686-5116, 686-5335, 686-5340, 686-5350, 686-6016, 855-8967, 855-9163, GS-1000, 8292, 8293, 8380, 8450, 8474, CV-5320, CV-5320AV, CVJ-310, CVJ-312, CVJ-320, CVJ-322, CVJ-340, CVJ-350, CVJ-360, CVK-332, CVK-342, CVK-352, CVK-610, CVL-335, CVL-345, CVM-325, VR-8208, VR-8209, VR-8245, VR-829, VR-8291, VR-8292, VR-8293, VR-8294, VR-8294AF, VR-8298, VR-8350, VR-8356, VR-8380, VR-8400, VR-8450, VR-8451, VR-8453, VR-8454, VR-8455, VR-8456, VR-8457, VR-8462, VR-8470, VR-8471, VR-8472, VR-8474, VR-8475, VR-8480, VR-8484, VR-8485, VR-8486, VR-8570, VR-8572, VR-8585, VR-8590, VR-8592, VR-9143, VR-9240, VR-9240AV, VR-9244, VR-9246, VR-9246AV, Accutor Plus Monitor, Trio Patient Monitor, E300 Monitor, E300A Monitor, Escort 20300 Monitor, Escort 20301 Monitor, Escort 2100 Monitor, Escort 23000 Monitor, Escort II Monitor 20100, Escort II Monitor 20101, Escort Prism EL, C-3300, 55U, CV-10U, V-200, V-300, V-320, V-400, V-404U, V-50U, V-60U, VS-60U, N180 Pulse Oximeter, N185 Pulse Oximeter, AFX12, AG-160, AG-170, AG-180, AG-180U, AG-190, AG-195, AG-2400, AG-400P, AG-450, AG-460, AG-6400, AG-7400, AG-BP202, AG-BP212DX, AG-V50, EB362, NC-MS2, NV-180, NV-5100, NV-5200, NV-5350, NV-5800, NV-5810, NV-5850, NV-6110, NV-8000, NV-8100, NV-8110, NV-8484, NV-8485, NV-8500, NV-8600, NV-9000, NV-9000A, NV-9600, NV-M10, NV-M1000, NV-M5, NV-M7, NV-M7EO, NV-M7EW, NV-M8000, NV-M8PX, NV-M9, NV-MS1, PK-802, PK-805, PK-903, PK-956, PK-957, PK-958, PK-959, PK-973, PK-975, PK-976, PK-980, PV-200, PV-210, PV-220, PV-2200, PV-300, PV-320, PV-330, PV-350, PV-400, PV-420, PV-425, PV-430, PV-460, PV-5110, PV-515, PV-520, PV-5200, PV-535, PV-5350, PV-540, PV-5420, PV-5440, PV-545, PV-550, PV-555, PV-565, PV-5800, PV-5810, PV-5850, PV-6110, PV-630, PV-645, PV-650, PV-660, PV-8000, PV-8100, PV-8110, PV-822, PV-8400, PV-8440, PV-845, PV-8484, PV-8485, PV-8500, PV-8600, PV-8650, PV-9000, PV-9600, PV-9600A, PV-M429, PV-S350, PV-S420, PV-S430, PV-S440, PV-S445, PV-S460, PV-S535, PV-S540, PV-S545, PV-S550, PV-S565, PV-S575, PV-S585, VN-5850, PVR-1100A, CPJ-810, CPJ-815, CPK-834, CVJ-360, PRO.1, VKR-2000, VKR-6830, VKR-6835, VKR-6850, VKR-6851, VKR-6855, VE-551, VM-11, VM-11AC, VM-20, VM-20AC, VM-2100, VM-21AC, VM-22AC, VM-23AC, VM-24AC, VM-25AC, VM-26AC, VM-27AC, VM-28AC, VM-29AC, VM-34, VM-35, VM-37, VM-708, VM-709, VP-2100, VP-5400, VP-5430, VP-5440, VP-5441, VP-5442, VP-5450, VP-5451, VP-5452, VP-5740, VP-5741, VP-5742, VP-5744, VP-5747, VP-5750, VP-5751, VP-5756, VP-5757, VV-9404, SVE-27, 5367, 5368, 53683, 5369, 53691, 5370, 53703, 340 OTDR Plus Multitester II, SC7000 External Battery, SC9000XL Portable/Monitor, 1030 Monitor, 1050 Monitor, 90203 Monitor, 90308 PC Express Monitor, 90309 PC Scout Monitor, 90351 Monitor, 90367 Monitor, 90369 patient monitor (two batteries required), 90491 Module Housing, PC Scout Monitor, First Responder 9001, First Responder 9004, VC-4511, VC-4511SL01, VC-4512, VC-4513, VC-4514, VC-4515SL01, VC-4520, VC-4525, VC-4527, VC-4530, VC-4540, VC-4545, VC-4546, VCC-151, VCC-152, VCC-157, VCC-159, VCC-161, VKC-242/AV, 151

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