24V 9000mAh LiIon-Polymer Powerbank - Jump Starter 810A output

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JPR9024M B/Fighter 24V 9000mAh Li-ion-Polymer Pwrbank/Jump Start 810A


Battery Fighter JPR9024M ultra light weight and compact lithium ion polymer

Power jump starter with 810 amp (1000 amp peak) cranking output

JPR9024M 24V 9.0Ah high efficiency lithium jump starter

Extra long battery lifespan

Key Features

  • Best for vehicles with 24V engine starting
  • Suitable for up to 13000cc diesel engines - buses, trucks, tractors, construction machines, etc
  • Recharge via included AC/DC adaptor or through 12VDC carlighter outlet with included charge cable
  • Greater cycle lifetime than lead acid technology. (Approx 500 cycles)
  • Full recovery from deep discharge
  • Reverse polarity, over voltage, over current, overdischarge and overheat protections
  • 100% copper low resistance high current jumper cables with large style insulated colour coded crocodile clips
  • Rainbow bar LED battery indicator
  • Built-in LED worklight and road emergency light
  • Fireproof plastic housing
  • Auto power shut off for energy saving


Heavy duty copper cable anderson plug to crocodile clip jumper cables

110-240V AC 50/6(more...)

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