3.7V 1950mAh LiIon Scanner battery

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Replacement Scanner battery suitable for Symbol 3.7V 1950mAh LiIon

  • Lithium Ion
  • 3.7V
  • 1.95Ah
  • 7.2Wh

Fits Device Model:

Atos Xentissimo; Banksys Xentissimo; Casio Cassiopeia IT-700; Casio DT950; Casio DT-X10; Casio DT-X5; Casio DT-X5M10E; Casio DT-X5M10R; Casio DT-X5M30E; Casio DT-X5M30R; Casio DT-X5M30U; Casio IT-70 Series; Casio IT-700; Chameleon RF FL3500 Series; Chameleon RF PB1900 Series; Chameleon RF PB2100; Fujitsu Ipad; Fujitsu Ipad Fujitsu Ipad 100 Series; Fujitsu Ipad 100-10; Fujitsu Ipad 100-14; Fujitsu Ipad 142 series; Fujitsu 142-01; Sokkia SDR8100; Symbol PDT1800; Symbol PDT2800; Symbol 8100; Symbol 8133; Symbol PDT8134; Symbol PDT8137; Symbol PDT8140; Symbol PDT8142; Symbol PDT 8146; Stmbol PPT2700; Symbol PPT2700+; Symbol PPT2700-2D; Symbol PPT2733; Symbol PPT 2734; Symbol PPT2740; Symbol PPT2742; Symbol PPT2746; Symbol 2800; Symbol 2833; Symbol PPT2834; Symbol PPT2837; Symbol PPT2840; Symbol PPT2842; Symbol PPT2846; Symbol PPT8800; Symbol PPT8846; Symbol PPT8860; Symbol PPT8866; Symbol SPT1700; Symbol SPT1733(more...)

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