Ansmann All In 1 Universal Travel Adapter For 150 Countries

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1809-0000 Ansmann All In 1 Universal Travel Adapter For 150 Countries


1809-0000 Ansmann Universal All In One 3 Pin Travel Adaptor

Ideal for universal all-in-one travel adaptor suitable for worldwide use in over 150 countries

Suitabe for devices including phones, cameras, laptops, electric razors and hairdryers.

Key Features

  • Suitable for use with 2-pin and 3-pin Class I and Class II (up to max. 2500W) devices.
  • Features 3-pin Australian input plug. Connect power plug of device from any of 150 countries into the adaptor's cleverly designed 'output' end.
  • Sturdy and rugged housing with an easy to use, clever design. Press and hold the release button while simultaneously sliding one of four levers on the side to reveal plugs for use in different regions including Australia, USA, UK and Europe.
  • 2 part adaptor allows connection with devices with earth pin protected plugs

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