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Battery Indicator Eyelet to M8 Eyelet Connector with 30A Auto Blade Fuse BPC900120114

The battery indicator shows the status of the battery. It is an accessory for the Blue Smart and Blue Power IP65 Chargers. It is suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries only (flooded, GEL, AGM). Battery Indicator Eyelet to M8 Eyelet Connector with 1.5m cable length.


  • Battery Indicator
  • M8 Eyelet Connector
  • 30A Auto Blade Fuse
  • 1.5m cable length

Easy to use:

After using the battery it takes about 30 minutes for the battery to regain its steady-state condition and for the panel to show a correct status indication.

  • Green-light: Battery does not need to be charged. Battery 80%-100%
  • Orange light: Battery can be charged. Battery 60%-80%
  • Red light: Battery needs charging. Battery 40%-60%
  • No light: charge immediately to prevent sulfation. Battery <40%


  • Clamps
  • M8 eyelets

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