Battery to suit KODAK KLIC-7001 3.7V 720mAh Li-ion

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Stryka Battery to suit KODAK KLIC-7001 3.7V 720mAh Li-ion

Replaces Battery Model:

BENQ DLI-213 KODAK KLIC-7001 MEDION VG0376122100001; CS-KLIC7001; DCB-KLIC-7001-BP1; CKD701

Fits Device Model:

AGFA Optima 1338, Optima 1338Mt, Optima 2338, Optima 2338MT, T-1000 T-1228, BENQ DC E1050t, DC E1220, DCL1050, HITACHI DZ-HV584E PB-360T SB-360 KODAK EasyShare M1063, Easyshare M1073 IS, EasyShare M1073IS, EasyShare M320, EasyShare M340, EasyShare M341, Easyshare M753 Zoom, Easyshare M763, Easyshare M853 Zoom, Easyshare M863, EasyShare M893 IS, EasyShare V550, EasyShare V570, EasyShare V610, EasyShare V705, EasySharee M1063, M893IS, MEDION Life P47350, Life S47000, Life X47006, MD85416, MD85562, MD86063, MD86084, MD86288, MD86390, POLAROID T10035, T1031, T-1031, T1035, T-1035, T1232, T1234, T-1234, T1235, T-1235, PRAKTICA DMMC3D, DMMC-3D, LM 10-TS, LM 12-TS, LM10TS, LM10-TS, LM12TS, LM12-TS, Luxmedia 10TS, Luxmedia 10-TS, Luxmedia 12TS, Luxmedia 12-TS, RICOH HD-TD910, T1200, T-1200, ZUP120, ZUP-120, ROLLEI CL200, CL-200, Compactline 200, DA101, DA-101

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