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Discover the ultimate power solution with Camelion Super Heavy Duty AAA SP24 batteries, part of the renowned Blue Series known for its exceptional durability. Designed with manganese dioxide and zinc chloride ammonium chloride, these batteries are engineered to be leak-proof and to boast an extended shelf and service life. Perfect for powering a vast array of devices, from flashlights and radio cassettes to recorders and remote controls, they offer a reliable and economical power source for all your needs.

Dependable Power with Super Heavy Duty AAA Batteries

The Camelion Super Heavy Duty AAA batteries ensure your devices are always ready when you are. Their unique construction not only provides outstanding durability but also guarantees a long-lasting power supply, making them an essential component for your household and electronic devices. Whether you're dealing with emergencies or daily tasks, these batteries deliver the consistent performance you can count on.

Opt for the Camelion Super Heavy Duty AAA SP24 batteries for an unbeatable combination of durability, reliability, and value. These batteries are not just a power source; they are a promise of uninterrupted performance for all your essential devices, ensuring that you're always prepared, no matter what the day brings.

Specification Detail
Size AAA
Description Cylindrical
Industry Household
Sales Qty Inner 12
Sales Qty Outer 24
Point of Sale Bulk
Manufacturer Camelion
BarCode 0873999001040
Dimensions (Ø x L mm) 10.0 x 44.3
Weight (g) 7.2
Electrochemical System Zinc manganese dioxide/Zinc/ammonium chloride
Nominal Capacity 550mAh to 0.8V
Nominal Voltage 1.5V
Jacket Metal

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