Drypower 6SB5P 6V 5Ah SLA Battery

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6SB5P 6V 5Ah SLA Battery


Drypower 6V 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Ideal for Backup and Main Power Cyclic Use

Key Features


BP4-6, BP4.5-6, BP5-6, PS640, GP645, DM6-4, DM6-4.2, DM6-4.5, DMU6-5, CF-6V4.5, HGL4.5-6, FG10451, HGL4-6, HGL5-6, CB6V4.5AH, CBC6V6AH, NP4-6, LP6-4.0, LP6-4.0H, LP6-4.5, LP6-5.4, LP6-6.0, LPC6-5.6, WP4.5-6, LC-R064R5P, PB6/4.5, PS-640, PSH-655FR, PE6V4.5, RM6-4.5, RT645, RT650, RT655, CP645, CP656, NP4-6

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