Energizer 317TZ 1.55V 11.5mAh Silver Oxide Watch Battery (SR516SW)

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The Energizer 371 is a silver oxide chemistry designed for use on continuous low drain devices. The silver oxide chemistry ensures a more stable output of voltage and steady low self-discharge that lasts until the end of the battery’s life. Ideal use of 317 SR516SW coin cells includes calculators, small electronic devices, watches, glucometers, heart-rate monitors, watches, and keyless remote entry for homes and cars.

Product Details

Model No 317TZ-BP5
Selling unit 5pc
Description 1.55V 11.5mAh Silver Oxide Watch Battery ( SR516SW )
Application Watch, Toy, Game, Instrument, Electronic
Chemistry Silver Oxide (Zn/Ag2O)
Voltage 1.55V
Watt Hour 0.0186Wh
Nominal Capacity 11.5mAh
Size Button
Width 5.8mm
Height 1.65mm
Weight 0.17g
Inner Quantity 10
Outer Quantity 100


  • Varta V317
  • Citizen 280-58
  • Duracell D317
  • IEC SR62
  • Timex CA
  • Maxell SR516SW
  • Panasonic SP317
  • Seiko SB-AR
  • Sony SR516SW
  • Bulova 616
  • Toshiba SR516SW

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