FG6020SD Force Gauge 20Kg Full Scale C/W SD Card

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FG6020SD Force Gauge 20Kg Full Scale C/W SD Card

Force Gauge 20kg Full Scale


  • Data record mode : Normal model or Peak hold mode.
  • Normal record mode : Set sampling time from 1 second to 8 hours.
  • Peak hold record mode : Set sampling time from 10 ms to 500 ms.
  • Memory capacity of normal record mode : 1 GB to 16 GB.
  • Memory capacity of peak hold record mode : 1000 data no. ( max. )
  • Under Peak hold record mode, if execute the " Data record " function, the memory circuit will store 1000 data no. ( max. ) measuring data into the SD card per fast speed sampling time ( 10 ms to 500 ms ).
  • Under Normal record mode, if execute the " Data record " function, will save the measuring data along the real time value (Year/Month/Date/Hour/Minute/Second) into the SD card per normal sampling time ( 1 second to 8 hours ).
  • After saving the data to the SD memory card, it can be downloaded directly to an Excel document for further analysis, no extra software required.
  • Large LCD display with back light.
  • 20 Kg, wide capacity, high resolution, high accuracy, high repeatability.
  • 3 types of display units : Kg, lb, Newton.
  • Tension & compression capability .
  • Peak hold ( Max. load ) can be held in display during tension or compression measurement.
  • Zero button can operate both for normal measuring & the " peak hold " operation.
  • Full capacity zero (tare) control capability.
  • Fast/Slow response time push button.
  • Positive or reverse display direction select.
  • Hand held & stand mounted gauges are available.
  • Low power consumption gives long battery life.
  • Built-in low battery indicator.
  • Microprocessor circuit & exclusive load cell transducer.
  • Over load protection.
  • RS-232 computer interface
  • Built-in DC 9V power adapter input socket.

Energy Meter EM24 - 3 phase - max 65A / Phase REL200200100

The Energy Meter can be used as a:
1. Grid meter, and used as control input for an ESS System.
2. Measure the output of a PV Inverter
3. Measure the output of a AC Genset

The EM24 is for 3 phase monitoring only.

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