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FlexArm adaptor to suit UBA4/5


FlexArm adaptor to suit UBA4/5. The Cadex FlexArm adaptor makes connection to most battery packs to be analysed on the Cadex C7x00 & C7x00-C series. Unlike adaptors designed for specific battery types, the FlexArm has contacts on flexible arms to reach narrow and awkwardly placed contacts. Magnetic guides on insulated steel floor keep the battery in any position. Banana plugs enable polarity selection and provide connection to batteries with a plug rather than flat contacts. Spring-loaded temperature sensor in the adaptor floor monitors the battery temperature. The spring-loaded 'Pogo' contacts in the FlexArms are gold plated and field replaceable. Self-locking hardware allows adjustments of desired tension in the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints of this most versatile design. PCB removed for contact to UBA4/5 analysers.

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