FUJIFILM NP-40 3.7V 850mAh Li-ion

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Stryka battery for FUJIFILM NP-40 3.7V 850mAh Li-ion

Replaces Battery Model:

NP-40; NP-40N; P42005; D-Li85; SLB-0737 DLI-102; KLIC-7005; AK01; D-LI8; SB-L0737; SLB-0737; WGL-0101; CS-NP40FU; DCB-NP40-BP1; CFJ666

Fits Device Model:

FinePix 455 Zoom, FinePix F402, FinePix F455, FinePix F460, FinePix F460 Zoom, FinePix F470, FinePix F470 Zoom, FinePix F610, FinePix F610 Zoom, FinePix F650, FinePix F650 Zoom, FinePix F700, FinePix F700 Zoom, FinePix F710, FinePix F810, FinePix F810 Zoom, FinePix F811, FinePix V10, FinePix V10 Zoom, FinePix Z1, FinePix Z1 Zoom, FinePix Z2, FinePix Z3 Zoom, FinePix Z5fd, FinePix F480 , FinePix J50,DC X600, X600, D808, DVC5308, DVC5308HD, S530, SDV1200, TS530, V600, VX1400, VX1400HD, VX600, VX6330, JayCam i6550, JayCam Z630, EasyShot JD 5.3z3, EasyShot JD 7.3z3,Life P42010, Life P42012, Life S47000, MD85416, MD85866, MD86064, Optio A10, Optio A20, Optio A30, Optio A40, Optio L20, Optio S, Optio S4, Optio S4i, Optio S5i, Optio S5n, Optio S5z, Optio S6, Optio S7, Optio SV, Optio Svi, Optio T10, Optio T20, Optio W10, Optio W20, Optio WP, Optio Wpi, Optio X, MH-45503, DC 52, DCV50, DCZ 10.3, DVC 5.1, HDMI DVC 5.2, FHD DVC 6.1, DVC 7.1Z, HD11.0i, HDi9 I8, LB-5030, LM 12-HD, LM 6105, LM 6403, LM 6503, LM 7203, LM 7303, LM 7403, LM 8303, LM 8403, LM 8503, luxmedia 10-23, Luxmedia 12-03, luxmedia 12-23, luxmedia 12-HD, Luxmedia 6015, Luxmedia 6105, Luxmedia 6403, Luxmedia 6503, Luxmedia 7105, Luxmedia 7203, Luxmedia 7303, Luxmedia 7403, luxmedia 8303, luxmedia 8403, Luxmedia 8503, M8 W0001, SlimNeo XT1600, DC 5600 Slim, DC 600 Slim, Caplio 10G, DA10, DB60, DP60, DX63, DX68, Tribute DT6, Digimax #1, Digimax I5, Digimax i50, Digimax i50 MP3, Digimax i6, Digimax i70, Digimax L50, Digimax L60, Digimax L70, Digimax L700, Digimax L73, Digimax L80, Digimax NV3, Digimax NV7 OPS, DC2007, CDC-650, CDC-8640, HDDV-2880, HDDV-T200, SX-650, T-200, XTHINN-508, XTHINN-508S, XTHINN-864, XTHINN-870, XTHINN-875, XTHINN-970, SH-Z735, DVR-560G, Vivicam 3660, Vivicam 7388, Vivicam 7388S, Vivicam 7500i,

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