Fusion 12V 20Ah General Purpose AGM Battery

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CB12V20AH AGM VRLA Battery


CB12V20AH, is a High Performance Genuine AGM Battery that is part of the Fusion AGM range. With superior quality and high performance, CB12V20AH has up to 30% more cycle life than other leading brands. The Fusion AGM series is manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 is CE Certified.

When it comes to special features Fusion has not missed the mark. Firstly, the inbuilt Thermal Management System guarantees the temperature stays in check during charging and general use in any climate. The extra thick plates allow for better capacity, and the extreme vibration resistance can handle any application. To top all of this, the CBC series features a Special Cycle Alloy that reduces self discharging and improves true deep discharge performance.

If you're using this as a backup power supply for fire pumps and various fire systems, you can claim and extended 3 year warranty. The CBC series has been rated for under the bonnet use, which is also covered by warranty. And for you safety heads out there, CB12V20AH is built with flame retardant ABS plastic.


Volts: 12
CCA: -
Reserve Capacity: -
AH (20hr): 20
Regular Charge: 2
Max Charge: 5.01
Plate Type: -
Usage: Stand By
Terminal Type: T3


Length: 181.5mm
Width: 77mm
Height: 167.5mm
Terminal Height: 167.5mm
Weight: 5.78KG

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