Fusion 12V 30Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery

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Fusion 12V 30Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery


Fusion Deep Cycle Gel Batteries are created using the True Gel Technology which is very safe to use, leak-proof, and have very minimal fume production making it a perfect battery to be used in off-grid homes. These batteries are made to be convenient, enabling you to utilize it either on its side or upside down with 30% extra cycle life than the other brands.

It has the absolute best safety release valves that fully eliminates water loss and the gelled electrolyte protects the plates from repetitive discharging. The advanced manufacturing methods used to produce the Fusion Gel Batteries has paved the way to be recognized as one of the highest-quality gel batteries available in Australia today.

Key Features:

  • Resistant to Extreme Vibration
  • Completely Sealed and Leak-proof
  • Reduces Risk of Thermal Drying
  • Can Provide Three Times the Life Cycle of AGM Types
  • Developed with True Gel Technology
  • Uses A Special Cycle Alloy Which Helps to Extend the Life of the Battery and Improves True Deep Discharge Performance
  • Longer Life Cycle of up to 2,400 at 30% Depth of Discharge
  • Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
  • Boosts Battery Performance by Using Microporous Gel Separators
  • Has Better Performance for Deep Discharge Applications Than AGM Types


  • Volts: 12
  • CCA: -
  • Reserve Capacity: -
  • AH (20hr): 30
  • Regular Charge: 3.1 Amps
  • Max Charge: 8.1 Amps
  • Usage: Deep-Cycle, Stand By, Marine, Private Use
  • Terminal Type: T5


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