Lead Acid Multi-Battery Tester 2V-12V to test Ah


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Lead Acid Multi-Battery Tester 2V-12V to test Ah

The ZTS Lead Acid Multi-Battery Tester (MBT-LA2) provides a comprehensive means of testing the state of charge, condition and capacity for 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, and 12V Sealed Lead Acid, AGM, VRLA, Gel and wet cell batteries. It's lightweight & compact design make it an ideal portable battery tester for AGM, SLA, VRLA, Gel and wet cell batteries. Now you can actually test the capacity of a battery and not just the CCA rating. This is a must have tool for anyone working with lead acid, AGM, GEL, VRLA and wet cell batteries. It's microprocessor-controlled tests popular batteries deep cycle and standby batteries using a patented, high accuracy pulse load test. After the fully automatic test cycle the percentage of remaining battery capacity is indicated on the LED bar display making test results easy to interpret

The integrated cooling fan dissipates heat from testing and it is circuit against over-voltage. The heavy duty NBR rubber sleeve protects against impact. Includes 1200mm removable test leads with solid copper clamps. The tester is packaged with the accessory kit which includes a hanging strap and magnet for hands-free operation and a protective soft case. Requires 4AA batteries (not included).

View the datasheet below for more details.

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