Motormate Smart Battery Protector 24V Batt 24-32V 30A Max

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SBP-24030 Motormate Smart Battery Protector 24V Batt 24-32V 30A Max


Motormate SBP-24030 24V 30A Max. smart battery protector

Protects against low voltage and overload

Protect and extend the battery life in recreational vehicles using the Motormate Smart Battery Protector that automatically detects low voltage and restarts after battery voltage has returned to normal.

Key Features

  • Simple to install by fitting between the battery and the load. Easy to use terminal block screw termination.
  • Safety: reverse polarity protection, ignition protection, over voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.
  • Selectable cut-off voltage (STD, LO, HI) for different equipment.
  • Switch ON Ignition Protect with 5 seconds delay feature.
  • Fully automatic with remote power ON/OFF controls.

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