Power-Sonic PS 12 volt 2.5 ah F1

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Power-Sonic PS 12 Volt 2.5 ah F1 - Your Reliable Energy Solution

Uninterrupted Power Supply at Your Fingertips

Experience the epitome of reliability and efficiency with the Power-Sonic PS 12 Volt 2.5 ah F1. This rechargeable sealed lead acid battery ensures you have a constant power supply when you need it the most. Whether you are in the middle of an important project or are preparing for a potential power outage, this dependable energy solution will be there to light your way. Its 12-volt, 2.5-ampere-hour capacity is designed to power a wide array of devices, from emergency lighting systems to portable medical devices, providing you with unparalleled versatility.

Durable Design for Long-lasting Performance

Built to last, the Power-Sonic PS 12 Volt 2.5 ah F1 is more than just a battery; it's an investment into your peace of mind. With a robust sealed lead acid composition, it offers resistance to leakage and corrosion, ensuring the longevity of both the battery and your devices. Its compact design allows it to fit easily into a variety of equipment, while still delivering a powerful performance that defies its size.

Eco-friendly and Economical Power Solution

In a world where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, the Power-Sonic PS 12 Volt 2.5 ah F1 stands as an eco-friendly choice. It is rechargeable, reducing the need for constant replacements and thereby minimizing waste. Plus, its efficient power management ensures you get the most out of each charge, making it a cost-effective solution for your power needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Energy Density: Delivers high power output without compromising on performance or lifespan.
  • Reliable Performance: Ensures a constant, uninterrupted power supply for a range of devices.
  • Sealed Lead Acid Design: Provides resistance to leakage and corrosion, enhancing the durability and lifespan of the battery.
  • Compact Size: Fits into various equipment with ease, offering a versatile energy solution.
  • Rechargeable: Reduces waste and saves cost over time, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • SKU: Comes with two SKU identifiers, PS1220 and PS-1220, ensuring easy and accurate identification and ordering.

The Power-Sonic PS 12 Volt 2.5 ah F1 isn't just a battery; it's your ticket to a life unhampered by power interruptions. Experience the benefits of reliable, durable, and sustainable power today.

Model PS1220
Description PS 12 volt 2.5 ah F1
Length (cm) 17.8
Width (cm) 3.5
Height (cm) 6.0
Max Height (Inc. Terminal) (cm) 6.5
Terminal Type F1
Nominal Voltage 12
Rated Capacity (20-hr) (AH) 2.5
Rated Capacity (10-hr) (AH) 2.2
Weight (Kgs) 1

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