SSB HVT-1 12V 450CCA Dry Cell Motorbike Battery


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HVT-1 Ultra High Performance AGM Motorcycle Battery


The HVT-1 is made from SSB's cutting-edge technology to build the best Ultra High Performance Dual Purpose AGM Battery!

The SSB DryCell range (HVT range) has proven that it can provide maximum power and durability. To meet the meticulous standards of present-day performance vehicles, SSB use only the latest technology and manufacturing processes to construct their SSB DryCell range.

The production of SSB DryCell batteries requires a special alloy which increases cycle life and allows the battery to be deeply discharged. The cutting edge Thermal Management System keeps the battery's temperature in check and increases its life span by buffering it against the extreme climate of Australia, which minimizes the heat damage charging can cause.

The best thing about the SSB DryCell range is that all products are developed in Australia, for Australians!



Volts: 12
CCA: 450
Reserve Capacity: -
AH (20hr): 18
Regular Charge: 1.8
Max Charge: 4.5
Plate Type: -
Usage: Starting
Terminal Type: S



Length: 176mm
Width: 87.5mm
Height: 155mm
Terminal Height: 155mm
Weight: 6.41KG


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