SSB Lithium Ultralite12V 540CCA LFP30Q-BS Battery


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LFP30Q-BS Lightweight Lithium Ion Phosphate Motorcycle Battery


The LFP30Q-BS is from SSB's PowerSport Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries (AKA Lithium Iron Phosphate) range. They're designed to be extremely light. This one clocks in at just kilos. These Lithium Batteries are made to have a lasting life span of over 2,000 cycles (more than 10 years design life) compared to a normal lead acid motorcycle battery which only lasts for 200 - 300 cycles.

SSB PowerSport Lithium Batteries, the pioneer of lithium starting batteries in Australia, are made using prismatic cells making them not only safer to use, but also boast a higher CCA rating , better cyclic properties and longer life. We are aware of only one other brand of lithium starting batteries that uses prismatic cells. Manufacturers typically use cylindrical cells because they're a little cheaper to manufacture, but they're inferior and not designed for starting vehicles.

The LFP30Q-BS is environmentally safe and fully recyclable. It's completely dry, so it can't leak or spill. It comes with a 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty (12 months for the SSB PowerSport UltraLite range). Unlike other brands, this is a full warranty - not pro-rata - meaning you get all your money back - not just partial cost.

To top it off, these batteries are also one of the few that can be charged using a normal 12V car battery charger or alternator (except for chargers with Automatic Rejuvenation or Desulphation Mode).



Volts: 12
CCA: 540
Reserve Capacity: -
AH (20hr): -
Regular Charge: 4.5
Max Charge: 36
Plate Type: Prismatic Cell
Usage: Starting
Terminal Type: J



Length: 167mm
Width: 124mm
Height: 163mm
Terminal Height: 163mm
Weight: 2KG


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