Stryka Battery to suit HP Compaq dv3-2000 10.8V 4400mAh Li-ion

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Replaces Battery Model:
500029-141; 513127-251; 516479-121; 530801-001; 530802-001; HSTNN-C52C; HSTNN-C54C; HSTNN-DB93; HSTNN-DB94; HSTNN-DB95; HSTNN-IB82; HSTNN-IB83; HSTNN-IB93; HSTNN-IB94; HSTNN-IB95; HSTNN-LB93; HSTNN-LB94; HSTNN-OB93; HSTNN-OB94; HSTNN-XB93; HSTNN-XB94; NU089AA; NU089AA#ABB; NU090AA; NU090AA#ABB; RT09; LCB483; NHP1099; CS-HDV32NB

Fits Device Model:
COMPAQ Presario CQ35-100; Presario CQ35-101TU; Presario CQ35-101TX; Presario CQ35-102TU; Presario CQ35-102TX; Presario CQ35-103TU; Presario CQ35-103TX; Presario CQ35-104TU; Presario CQ35-104TX; Presario CQ35-105TU; Presario CQ35-105TX; Presario CQ35-106TU; Presario CQ35-106TX; Presario CQ35-107TU; Presario CQ35-107TX; Presario CQ35-108TU; Presario CQ35-108TX; Presario CQ35-109TU; Presario CQ35-109TX; Presario CQ35-110; Presario CQ35-110TU; Presario CQ35-110TX; Presario CQ35-111TU; Presario CQ35-111TX; Presario CQ35-112TU; Presario CQ35-112TX; Presario CQ35-113TU; Presario CQ35-113TX; Presario CQ35-114TU; Presario CQ35-114TX; Presario CQ35-115TU; Presario CQ35-115TX; Presario CQ35-116TU; Presario CQ35-116TX; Presario CQ35-117TU; Presario CQ35-117TX; Presario CQ35-118TU; Presario CQ35-118TX; Presario CQ35-119TX; Presario CQ35-120; Presario CQ35-120TX; Presario CQ35-121TX; Presario CQ35-122TX; Presario CQ35-124TX; Presario CQ35-125TX;Presario CQ35-126TX; Presario CQ35-127TX; Presario CQ35-128TX; Presario CQ35-129TX; Presario CQ35-200; Presario CQ35-201TX; Presario CQ35-202TU; Presario CQ35-202TX; Presario CQ35-203TX; Presario CQ35-204TX; Presario CQ35-205TX; Presario CQ35-206TU; Presario CQ35-207TU; Presario CQ35-208TU; Presario CQ35-210; Presario CQ35-211TX; Presario CQ35-213TX; Presario CQ35-214TX; Presario CQ35-215TU; Presario CQ35-216TU; Presario CQ35-217TU; Presario CQ35-217TX; Presario CQ35-218TU; Presario CQ35-219TX; Presario CQ35-220; Presario CQ35-222TX; Presario CQ35-223TX; Presario CQ35-224TX; Presario CQ35-225TX; Presario CQ35-226TX; Presario CQ35-227TX; Presario CQ35-228TX; Presario CQ35-229TX; Presario CQ35-230; Presario CQ35-230TX; Presario CQ35-233TX; Presario CQ35-235TX; Presario CQ35-236TX; Presario CQ35-238TX; Presario CQ35-240; Presario CQ35-240TX; Presario CQ35-241TX; Presario CQ35-242TX; Presario CQ35-243TX; Presario CQ35-244TX; Presario CQ36-100; Presario CQ36-103TX; Presario CQ36-104TX; Presario CQ36-105TX; Presario CQ36-106TX; Presario CQ36-108TX; Presario CQ36-110; Presario CQ36-110TX; Presario CQ36-113TX; Presario CQ36-114TX; HEWLETT PACKARD Pavilion dv3-2000; Pavilion dv3-2001tu; Pavilion dv3-2001tx; Pavilion dv3-2001xx; Pavilion dv3-2002tu; Pavilion dv3-2002tx; Pavilion dv3-2003tu; Pavilion dv3-2003tx; Pavilion dv3-2004tu; Pavilion dv3-2004tx; Pavilion dv3-2005ee; Pavilion dv3-2005tu; Pavilion dv3-2005tx; Pavilion dv3-2006tu; Pavilion dv3-2006tx; Pavilion dv3-2007ee; Pavilion dv3-2007tu; Pavilion dv3-2007tx; Pavilion dv3-2008tu; Pavilion dv3-2008tx; Pavilion dv3-2009tx; Pavilion dv3-2010el; Pavilion dv3-2010et; Pavilion dv3-2010tx; Pavilion dv3-2011tx; Pavilion dv3-2012tx; Pavilion dv3-2013tx; Pavilion dv3-2014tx; Pavilion dv3-2015ee; Pavilion dv3-2015tx; Pavilion dv3-2016tx; Pavilion dv3-2017ee; Pavilion dv3-2017tx; Pavilion dv3-2018tx; Pavilion dv3-2019tx; Pavilion dv3-2020ei; Pavilion dv3-2020el; Pavilion dv3-2020et; Pavilion dv3-2020tx; Pavilion dv3-2021tx; Pavilion dv3-2022tx; Pavilion dv3-2023tx; Pavilion dv3-2024tx; Pavilion dv3-2025ee; Pavilion dv3-2025eg; Pavilion dv3-2025tx; Pavilion dv3-2026tx; Pavilion dv3-2027ee; Pavilion dv3-2027tx; Pavilion dv3-2028tx; Pavilion dv3-2029tx; Pavilion dv3-2030ef; Pavilion dv3-2030ei; Pavilion dv3-2030ek; Pavilion dv3-2030eo; Pavilion dv3-2030ez; Pavilion dv3-2030tx; Pavilion dv3-2032tx; Pavilion dv3-2033eg; Pavilion dv3-2033tx; Pavilion dv3-2034tx; Pavilion dv3-2035tx; Pavilion dv3-2036tx; Pavilion dv3-2050ea; Pavilion dv3-2050ec; Pavilion dv3-2050eo; Pavilion dv3-2050ep; Pavilion dv3-2050es; Pavilion dv3-2050ev; Pavilion dv3-2050ew; Pavilion dv3-2051ea; Pavilion dv3-2055ea; Pavilion dv3-2060ea; Pavilion dv3-2060ek; Pavilion dv3-2070es; Pavilion dv3-2080eo; Pavilion dv3-2090ej; Pavilion dv3-2090en; Pavilion dv3-2100; Pavilion dv3-2101tu; Pavilion dv3-2101tx; Pavilion dv3-2102tu; Pavilion dv3-2102tx; Pavilion dv3-2103tu; Pavilion dv3-2103tx; Pavilion dv3-2105ee; Pavilion dv3-2105tu; Pavilion dv3-2106tu; Pavilion dv3-2107tu; Pavilion dv3-2107tx; Pavilion dv3-2108tu; Pavilion dv3-2110eg; Pavilion dv3-2110er; Pavilion dv3-2110es; Pavilion dv3-2110tx; Pavilion dv3-2111tx; Pavilion dv3-2112tx; Pavilion dv3-2113tx; Pavilion dv3-2114tx; Pavilion dv3-2115ea; Pavilion dv3-2115ee; Pavilion dv3-2116tx; Pavilion dv3-2117tx; Pavilion dv3-2119tx; Pavilion dv3-2120ea; Pavilion dv3-2120ss; Pavilion dv3-2121tx; Pavilion dv3-2122tx; Pavilion dv3-2123tx; Pavilion dv3-2125ee; Pavilion dv3-2126tx; Pavilion dv3-2127tx; Pavilion dv3-2128tx; Pavilion dv3-2129tx; Pavilion dv3-2130ea; Pavilion dv3-2130ef; Pavilion dv3-2130ei; Pavilion dv3-2130el; Pavilion dv3-2130es; Pavilion dv3-2130ez; Pavilion dv3-2131tx; Pavilion dv3-2133tx; Pavilion dv3-2135tx; Pavilion dv3-2136tx; Pavilion dv3-2137tx; Pavilion dv3-2138tx; Pavilion dv3-2139tx; Pavilion dv3-2140ei; Pavilion dv3-2140eo; Pavilion dv3-2144tx; Pavilion dv3-2145tx; Pavilion dv3-2146tx; Pavilion dv3-2147tx; Pavilion dv3-2149tx; Pavilion dv3-2150ec; Pavilion dv3-2150ej; Pavilion dv3-2150el; Pavilion dv3-2150ep; Pavilion dv3-2150es; Pavilion dv3-2150ev; Pavilion dv3-2150tx; Pavilion dv3-2150us; Pavilion dv3-2154ca; Pavilion dv3-2155ee; Pavilion dv3-2155mx; Pavilion dv3-2157cl; Pavilion dv3-2160eo; Pavilion dv3-2165ee; Pavilion dv3-2175ee; Pavilion dv3-2200; Pavilion dv3-2211tx; Pavilion dv3-2225TX; Pavilion dv3-2232tx; Pavilion dv3-2300; Pavilion dv3-2301tu; Pavilion dv3-2301tx; Pavilion dv3-2302tx; Pavilion dv3-2303tx; Pavilion dv3-2304tx; Pavilion dv3-2305tx; Pavilion dv3-2306tx; Pavilion dv3-2307tx; Pavilion dv3-2308tx; Pavilion dv3-2309tx; Pavilion dv3-2310ea; Pavilion dv3-2310er; Pavilion dv3-2310sw; Pavilion dv3-2310tx; Pavilion dv3-2311tx; Pavilion dv3-2312tx; Pavilion dv3-2313tx; Pavilion dv3-2314tx; Pavilion dv3-2315tx; Pavilion dv3-2316tx; Pavilion dv3-2317tx; Pavilion dv3-2318tx; Pavilion dv3-2319tx; Pavilion dv3-2320ep; Pavilion dv3-2320es; Pavilion dv3-2320tx; Pavilion dv3-2321tx; Pavilion dv3-2322tx; Pavilion dv3-2323tx; Pavilion dv3-2324tx; Pavilion dv3-2325tx; Pavilion dv3-2326tx; Pavilion dv3-2327tx; Pavilion dv3-2328tx; Pavilion dv3-2329tx; Pavilion dv3-2330tx; Pavilion dv3-2340ez; Pavilion dv3-2350ed; Pavilion dv3-2350ee; Pavilion dv3-2350el; Pavilion dv3-2355ee; Pavilion dv3-2360ee; Pavilion dv3-2380eg; Pavilion dv3-2390eg; Pavilion dv3-2390eo; Pavilion dv3t-2000; Pavilion dv3t-2000 CTO

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